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Download free Toshiba Portege R500 User Manual.pdf. This Toshiba Portege R500 User Guide contains the information you need when installing, maintenance, troubleshooting, configuring the Toshiba Portege R500.

Table content Toshiba Portege R500 Manual
  • General Precautions
    Creating a computer-friendly environment ~ Stress injury ~ Heat injury ~ Pressure or impact damage ~ PC Card overheating ~ Mobile phones ~ Instruction Manual for Safety and Comfort
  • Getting Started
    Equipment checklist ~ Getting Started ~ System Recovery Options ~ System Recovery
  • The Grand Tour
    Front with the display closed ~ Left side ~ Right side ~ Back ~ Underside ~ Front with the display open ~ Indicators ~ Optical disc drives ~ AC adaptor
  • Hardware, Utilities and Options Hardware
    Special features ~ TOSHIBA Value Added Package ~ Utilities and Applications ~ Optional devices ~ Optional accessories
  • Operating Basics
    Using the Touch Pad ~ Using the Fingerprint Sensor ~ Using optical disc drives ~ Writing CD/DVDs on DVD Super Multi drives ~ Media care ~ Sound System ~ Wireless communications ~ LAN ~ Computer Handling ~ Using the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Protection ~ Heat dispersal
  • The Keyboard
    Typewriter keys ~ Function keys: F1 … F12 ~ Soft keys: FN key combinations ~ Hot keys ~ Windows special keys ~ Keypad overlay ~ Generating ASCII characters
  • Power and Power-Up Modes
    Power conditions ~ Monitoring of power condition ~ Battery ~ TOSHIBA Password Utility ~ Power-up modes ~ Panel power on/off ~ System Auto Off
  • HW Setup & BIOS Setup
    Accessing HW Setup ~ HW Setup window ~ BIOS Setup Program
  • Troubleshooting
    Problem solving process ~ Hardware and system checklist ~ TOSHIBA support
  • Specifications
    Physical Dimensions ~ Environmental Requirements
  • Display Controller and Video mode
    Display controller ~ Video mode
  • Wireless LAN
    Card Specifications ~ Radio Characteristics ~ Supported Frequency Sub-bands
  • Intel® Matrix Storage Manager
    Manually Setting up Windows (Windows Vista™) ~ Manually Setting up Windows Manually (Windows XP) ~ How to install Intel® Matrix Storage Manager on Windows XP or Windows Vista™
  • Bluetooth wireless technology Interoperability
    Bluetooth wireless technology and your Health ~ Regulatory statements ~ Using Bluetooth® Adaptor from TOSHIBA equipment in Japan
  • AC Power Cord and Connectors
    Certification agencies
  • TOSHIBA Anti-theft Protection Timer
  • Legal Footnotes
    Non-applicable Icons ~ CPU ~ Memory (Main System) ~ Battery Life ~ Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Capacity ~ LCD ~ Graphics Processor Unit ("GPU") ~ Wireless LAN ~ Copy Protection ~ Images~ Glossary ~ Index

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