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Download free Introduction To Adobe Flash CS3 pdf. This tutorial is an introduction to Adobe Flash CS3 and will demonstrate the basic Flash tools and concepts with a step by step guide to creating an animated butterfly. Flash is a vector base animation program. Vector objects are described mathematically, whereas bitmaps are represented by pixels. This allows Flash documents to remain relatively small and Flash objects to retain quality regardless of zoom resolution.

Think of layers as individual transparency sheets which allow Flash objects to be created and edited independent from one another. The example below shows a Flash document which has three layers: Triangle, Rectangle, and Circle. Objects in the top most layer will cover any objects directly underneath.

A layer can be hidden by clicking on the dot located underneath the Eye icon, the show and hide column. Notice the dot changes to a hash mark. Show a layer by clicking on the hash mark directly to the right of the layer name. In the example below, the Triangle layer is hidden.


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