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Download free Formulas and the Sum Function in Excel 2007 pdf. A formula is a mathematical equation that calculates new values from existing values. In Excel, each formula should begin with an equal sign. The common operators used in formulas are: add (+), subtract (-), multiply (*), divide (/). As a rule, formulas do not contain spaces. When a formula is entered in a cell, the content of the cell is the formula. The value seen (the results of the formula) is displayed, but is not the content of the cell

The order of precedence is the order in which Excel calculates a formula. A suggested acronym to help remember the order of precedence is PEMDAS. In each step, Excel will begin at the left of the formula and move to the right. 1. Parentheses – All calculations inside parentheses are performed first. 2. Exponents – All values with exponents are calculated. 3. Multiplication and Division – Any multiplication or division is performed. 4. Addition and Subtraction – Any addition or subtraction is performed.


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