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Download free The Controlled Remote Viewing Manual.pdf Paul Smith (Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc. [RVIS]) uses this document as a reference manual; his training manual is a gradually built notebook made up of the student's notes, essays and sessions (which is to say, RVIS doesn't really have its own training manual).

Ed Dames (Psi-Tech Corp.) has been using this document as a training manual for CRV since 1989 and for his "TRV" since the term first appeared in mid-1996.

Caveat: I am aware that Mr. Dames now teaches "TRV," not CRV. TRV being, in his own words, "Not CRV" and "unlike anything else," is said to have "existed for 13 years" and "begins where CRV left off" and many other comments to that effect. TRV is Mr. Dames's much-publicized "invention." It has been very publicly claimed to be unique and superior to CRV, and even a great deal of insult has been heaped on instructors and students of CRV as having "inferior" methods. So, I realize that inferring Mr. Dames is really teaching CRV might cause some offense. I cannot explain the circumstance, nor can I explain why TRV as publicly released via videotape is very close to exactly like CRV, excepting some simplifications apparently added to facilitate teaching via video. This is really not my affair. I can only tell you that this CRV manual has been used as a basis of "TRV" instruction until the present time.

Lyn Buchanan (Problems>Solutions>Innovations [P>S>I]) has developed his own CRV manual based on these methods and doesn't use this particular manual in his training, though he may use it for reference on occasion

I don't know of any other instructors who use this. However, since all Psi-Tech students for some time have gotten a copy of it, as well as various members of the public some years ago, it is entirely possible that many "new schools of RV" are using it to one degree or another.


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