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Download free World of Warcraft Priest Guide pdf. Welcome to the guide for all budding young priests out there. You have taken the first step in becoming the best possible priest. The priest class is most commonly known as the primary healer in the game, but through following this guide you can learn how to dominate PvP, easily solo to level 60, and also how to effectively function in groups. You will be the most in demand class in the game, constantly being invited to join groups to access high-end gear and content. You can easily kill any other class in PvP.

The priest is a class that relies on healing and mitigating damage to survive. With the ability to wear only Cloth armour, you are unable to take any significant physical damage. To alleviate this, the priest has access to strong heals, buffs, and debuffs. In groups you will be the primary healer, it is your job in this situation to keep everyone else alive. In solo play you may kill slower than other classes, but using the right build you can level at a quick pace with minimal risk of death.


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