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Download Free Nokia Mail for Exchange 1.3 User Guide pdf. With Mail for Exchange, you can use the email, calendar, and contacts (address book) of your Microsoft Exchange account on your mobile phone. Keeping the entries on your mobile phone updated with the entries on your Microsoft Exchange account is possible through the process of synchronization.

Table contents Nokia Mail for Exchange 1.3 User Guide
  • What is Mail for Exchange?
    What is synchronization? ~ How do I use Mail for Exchange?
  • Installing Mail for Exchange
  • Starting Mail for Exchange.
  • Working with a profile
    Connection settings in a profile ~ Credentials settings in a profile ~ Sync content settings in a profile ~ Sync schedule settings in a profile ~ Calendar settings in a profile. ~ Contacts settings in a profile ~ Email settings in a profile ~ Editing a profile ~ Deleting a profile
  • Synchronizing your accounts
    Synchronizing the first time ~ Getting information about the last sync
  • Working with email.
    Working with email attachments ~ Working with meeting requests ~ How email is synchronized
  • Working with the calendar
  • Working with contacts
  • Getting online help
  • Exiting from Mail for Exchange
  • Upgrading Mail for Exchange
  • Protecting confidential information
  • Troubleshooting.
    Resynchronizing content ~ Where is the administrative file?

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