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Download free AJAX Draggable Maps pdf. AJAX mapping applications are rapidly replacing traditional “click-and-wait” applications for web-based map, local search, driving direction and other map-centric applications. The technical details of AJAX mapping applications have been hard to find as most well-known implementations use obfuscated JavaScript for both performance and security reasons. This article describes deCarta’s open architecture for browser-based mapping applications. The cornerstones of deCarta’s architecture are XML web services and open-source JavaScript. deCarta’s Drill Down Server (DDS) Web Services is available as a standard “click-torun” software delivery. A commercial hosted option is also available including a free "Developer Zone" that allows developers to prototype and customize their application. deCarta’s DDS Web Services builds on the trusted, highly-scalable technology of DDS and provides the industry’s first off-the-shelf


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