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Download C++ Tutorial. Using C++ for instrument control can be a challenge because of the complexity converting string results to C++ data types and communicating with a large number of hardware and bus protocols. Measurement Studio facilitates parsing and converting the string format results from your instrument into C++ data types by using Instrument I/O Assistant, an interactive tool to query, read, and parse results from your instrument. Furthermore, the Virtual Instrument Software Architecture (VISA) provides a single application programming interface (API) to communicate with any instrument regardless of the instrument interface. VISA is a high-level driver that calls lower-level drivers for each instrument hardware bus type. This application note introduces VISA and explains how you can take advantage of VISA using the Measurement Studio Instrument I/O Assistant and Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 to communicate with GPIB, serial, Ethernet/LAN, IEEE 1394, and USB instruments.

Download C++ Tutorial

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