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If you have ever tried to be successful with affiliate marketing then you already know that it is not easy. In fact, you might say that it is extremely hard!

If you are new to affiliate marketing, that is great! You won’t have to unlearn everything that you have already learned.

Affiliate marketing is tremendously different than regular marketing. There are a lot of techniques that can be carried over from Internet marketing to affiliate marketing, but there are also a lot of techniques that should NOT be used.

The main reason that you must think differently about affiliate marketing is simply because you have no control over the website that sells the product or the product itself.

The Affiliate Marketing Formula table of contents

Chapter 1 – What is Affiliate Marketing?
Chapter 2 – The secret formula for successful Affiliate Marketing
Chapter 3 – How to find good products to sell
Chapter 4 – Creating your webpage sales letter (or squeeze page)
Chapter 5 – Creating the auto-responder course
Chapter 6 – Driving Traffic to your webpage
Chapter 7 – Thank you page tactics
Chapter 8 – Testing and Tweaking – Your Secret Weapon
Chapter 9 – Taking your Affiliate Marketing to the Next Level


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